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Be part of a quiet revolution

Once upon a time in this green and pleasant land food used to be as nature intended – honest, wholesome and full of taste.  Where have those days gone?

Yes, we may have perfectly round, uniformly sized, unblemished, very red-looking tomatoes, conveniently pre-packaged for us to grab in our weekly dash round the supermarket, but what went into creating these ‘perfect’ specimens?  The likelihood is not only a lot of pesticides, a long flight (and high carbon footprint), and plastic packaging that adds to the landfill mountains we are creating, but also a huge amount of wasted produce – discarded by the farmer because they don’t meet the ‘class 1’ classification of size, colour and uniformity.

Taste is something that seems to have been forgotten by the classification system.  Personally, I’d rather have a slightly misshapen, organic tomato that bursts with flavour when I bite into it, than the bland wateriness we find today.

Today, rather than spending time planning great tasting meals, we find ourselves spending more time reading labels, deciphering what is in our food and where it comes from, increasingly confused by the many logos and symbols we find.

Is it any wonder, though, that food manufacturers spend so much time and energy on the design of their packaging?  In the anonymous, fluorescent-lit warehouses they are presented to us in they have to work doubly hard to catch our attention, as we whizz round the supermarket doing our habitual shop, no longer benefiting from the personal advice and guidance we used to enjoy with the demise of the smaller independent retailer.

There’s only one word we look for when buying food and that’s ‘organic’

Why?  Because it is food you can trust.  Not only better for the environment and animal welfare, but also better for the health and well-being of my family.

There’s a quiet revolution going on as more and more people recognise the benefits of organic food – choosing to eat less but eat better in these financially challenging times.

By choosing organic you will also be helping to maintain a better environment for the UK – organic farms have 50% more bees, birds, butterflies and insects than non-organic farms.

The easiest way to ensure you are buying authentic organic products is to look out for the Soil Association logo.  Established in 1946 by farmers, scientists and nutritionists, it is the leading authority on organic food in the UK, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

Field Fayre are members of the Soil Association and part of this quiet revolution, playing a small role with our organic store, Field Fayre, here in Ross-on-Wye.  Passionate about food, and committed to supporting small, local producers who are equally devoted to producing the highest quality organic food, we hope to spread the word by offering the best there is from the organic world all in one place.

Will you be part of the quiet revolution?

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