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Organic Pantry

Keeping your pantry / larder / kitchen cupboard stocked with organic essentials is easy with the help of Field Fayre.  

You’ll find a huge range of organic grains, flakes and cereals, plus organic nuts and organic dried fruits.  

For organic sugar – come to us – you’ll find anything from organic raw cane sugar, through to organic agave syrup and organic coconut sugar.

We have lots of organic pasta to choose from – including those for everyday organic cooking (eg macaroni, spaghetti, lasagne), for something a bit different (try any of our award winning organic pasta from La Terra e il Cielo) or for special dietary requirements (eg gluten free, spelt or buckwheat), plus delicious organic pasta sauces to create an easy meal.

Discover a huge range of organic rice – from everyday (try our long grain organic brown rice) to the specialist (organic black rice adds a real twist to any meal time), and combine with one of our organic Indian or Chinese cooking sauces for a treat.

We are proud to stock the full range ‘Fish For Ever’ sustainably fished products.

Don’t forget your organic biscuitsDoves Farm organic digestives are the most popular, closely followed by Biona’s blueberry cookies. We’ve organic oatcakes from Pimhills, Nairns and a range of other gluten free biscuits and crackers.

And so the shopping list goes on...what will you add to yours?

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