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Organic Jams, Honeys & Spreads

For those with a sweet tooth, we’ve a delicious selection of the best organic jams and spreads – including handmade jams by local Kitchen Garden, Thursday Cottage and the full range of Meridian organic jams (sweetened with apple juice, so suitable for diabetics), plus organic chocolate spreads, including Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Spread by Plamil.

We stock a wide range of delicious organic seed & nut butters and spreads – including Raw Health, Whole Earth, Meridian and Suma.

British organic honey is not possible to find as there isn’t a large enough area of certified organic land for bees to use in the UK, so if you are after organic honey we not only have Rowse clear, set and squeezable honey but also Puremiel’s Spanish organic honey – their Thousand Flower organic honey is like a rainbow of tastes on your tongue.

The health benefits of eating local honey are known to many.  We source our local honey from four different producers - each having only a few hives, stock can sometimes be a bit scarce, but we love being able to support small local producers.

You’ll also find savoury spreads, maple syrup, Dutch ‘stroop’ (delicious pear and apple spread), chilled hummus – all organic – to name but a few.

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