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Organic Hot Drinks

There is a saying ‘life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it’. Whilst we may all have our different ways of making our favourite brew, people who shop at Field Fayre have one thing in common – they recognise the benefits of organic food and drink.

Our range of organic teas, coffees and chocolate drinks not only offer lots of choice, but lots of delicious tastes to explore.  Our favourite organic black tea is English Breakfast from ‘Hampstead Teas’ – it has a really good, full-bodied, but clean taste. In our organic herbal tea range our favourite is Kromland’s vanilla rooibos – sweet and subtle, a real treat.  There’s lots more from both Kromland and Hampstead Teas, plus Clipper, Equal Exchange, Ridgways, Hambledon Herb, Pukka, Che Mate, and QI to name a few.

We are very fortunate to be able to stock locally roast and ground organic coffee from the guru Peter James (one of only a handful of shops in the UK).  His James Gourmet coffee range offer not only deep dark tastes, but also light, fruity coffees, and his travels to source the best organic beans result in pockets of rare, limited beans that constantly deliver surprises.

A personal favourite of ours is locally roast and ground organic coffee by Inza.  Not only do we love the taste (rich, dark and chocolatey), but we also love the fact that it’s as fair-trade as it can get – the beans don’t leave the plantation in Columbia until the farmer has received payment directly from our local chap who roasts and grinds the coffee (no middle men or organisations to get in the way of the money reaching the people there).

We also have organic ground coffees from Equal Exchange, Grumpy Mule, Cafedirect, Suma and Percol, instant organic coffees by Clipper and Percol, caffeine free organic alternatives and organic hot chocolate from Montezuma and Green and Blacks.

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