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Organic Fruit & Veg Box Deliveries

Call in to the shop to pick up an order form and discuss what you would like with us.

How do I place my order?

Complete the inside of the order form and return it to Field Fayre.  Orders need to be in a week in advance of your delivery day.

Who packs and delivers my box?

Your box is packed and delivered by Luke or Pam, the owners of Field Fayre – guaranteeing a personal service.  We deliver on a Wednesday and Thursday night (free within 5 miles of the shop), or you can collect yourself any day of the week.

What will be in my Fruit and Veg box?

Just contact the shop from Tuesday afternoon onwards to see what is available that week.  We put the very best of what is in season into your Organic Fruit and Veg box.   

How do I pay?

We accept cash on delivery, debit or credit card payments.

Can I add extra items to my order?

Yes you can.  Just phone the shop 2 days before your delivery is due to add extra items to your order.  

We have over 2,500 products to choose from in our shop, and can add any of them to your order each week. Why not let us deliver the heavy stuff with your fruit & veg box.  For example our organic, un-homogenized milk (direct from the farm), or our eco-friendly household items, our organic baking flours, organic juices and cordials, organic wine, or our organic store cupboard ingredients like organic pasta, rice, lentils, grains, dried fruit, nuts or porridge to name but a few.   And don’t forget we can add any of our freshly baked, local artisan loaves with your delivery.  

We are here to make living and eating organic as easy as possible for you and your family.  Please do not hesitate to call or pop in to the shop if you have any questions.