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Organic Cooking

You’ll find everything you need for organic cooking at Field Fayre.  

We have a great range of organic herbs and spices, organic oils for cooking or creating dressings, organic salt and seasonings and organic soy sauces (try Yakso’s organic Ketjap Manis – a sweet soy sauce often used in Indonesian dishes, but we put a dash of it into our Italian pasta dishes for an extra edge).

Discover our organic coconut milk and oil, organic cider vinegars, organic cooking sauces - Italian, Indian and Far Eastern, organic condiments, organic tomato ketchup and mayonnaise (including dairy free).  We even have delicious organic ‘appel moes’ from Holland (a smooth apple sauce, great with any hot or cold meal).   

Combine any of these with our organic pasta, rice, noodles or lentils and you are well on the way to creating a fabulous meal.  

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