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In the footsteps of Jeremy Irons

The Field Fayre ‘Ecover Refill Station’ is a great way to save money and reduce, re-use and recycle the amount of packaging we all use.  Bring along your empty bottle and refill it – choosing from Laundry Liquid, All Purpose Cleaner, Washing-Up Liquid and Fabric Softener.

We are always looking for new ways to help everyone reduce the amount of packaging we all consume.  We offer our customers a box if they haven’t a bag with them, and have given away 1500+ fairtrade cotton bags over the past year.  We now not only stock our own re-usable cotton shopping bags, but also Onya’s range of bags (made from re-cycled plastic bottles), perfect for popping in your handbag or pocket before you go out shopping for those unexpected purchases – avoiding the need for a plastic bag.

13 billion plastic carrier bags are used in the UK each year (they can take up to 500 years to decompose).  What they have done in Wales (compulsory charging for plastic bags) is inspirational, you rarely see people using plastic bags there now – something we should aim for in Ross.

The pots we use for the fresh organic green and black olives we sell in our shop are not only re-useable but also fully bio-degradable.  All our organic fruit and veg is sold loose, meaning you only buy what you need and don’t have to deal with the inordinate amount of packaging that comes with it.

‘Every little counts’ is our motto.  We can all reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill by making small changes to our habits.  A great place for advice is www.myzerowaste.com.  Set up by a local family it is packed full of simple ideas that gives food for thought and great ways to reduce the impact we have on our planet.

Our little shop and the work we are doing is even known amongst Hollywood royalty.  April 2011 we closed the shop one afternoon (to the surprise of our regulars), to welcome a film crew, sound engineers and none other than Jeremy Irons, the renowned actor.  A lovely man, he spent the afternoon filming for his acclaimed docu-film called ‘Trashed’.  Jeremy said “We’re making this movie, because there are so many people who feel strongly the urgent need for the problem of ‘waste’ and ‘sustainability’ to be addressed.  There are so many ways in which we can make mankind a sustainable presence on our planet and most of them are both easily done and inexpensive. …we can all be agents of change; we don’t need to be told by politicians what to do.”  To get hold of your own copy go to: http://www.trashedfilm.com/

By the way, Jeremy loved our organic date slices and dark chocolate flapjack (all wrapped in bio-degradable packaging)!

Pop into the shop next time you are in town and you’ll receive just as warm a welcome – and have a look at the new refill station – maybe even bring an empty bottle with you to start making your changes….

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