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Delicious Charcuterie

At Field Fayre we do all the hard work for you sourcing the best local, national and international organic products available.  In our shop you’ll find certified organic products available from all sectors of the food and drinks industry – from small to large producers.  

One sector where certified organic food is limited is charcuterie.  That being said, we have sourced a delicious range of organic and top quality charcuterie from the home of salamis - Hungary.  Here standards of animal welfare and production are highly controlled to maintain the great reputation this country has for quality and taste.  Choose from organic bison, organic beef, wild boar and truffle, venison to name but a few.

You may have seen reports in some of the broadsheet newspapers about the health benefits and delicious taste of Mangalitca pork from Hungary (curly haired pigs, strictly protected to maintain their heritage).  Here at Field Fayre you can choose from air-dried Mangalitca hams, pork collar, loin, pancetta, pate and salamis.  They not only taste amazing (used by the top chefs in the world), but the fat they contain is high in Omega 3, vitamin B, iron and zinc, with the same health benefits as olive oil and fish oil.  

But we couldn’t stop there.  So you’ll find a fantastic selection of salami’s and dried sausages here at Field Fayre, including venison with truffle, organic beef and mild paprika, wild boar and truffle, organic bison and very hot paprika to name but a few.  All ready to eat, perfect sliced onto a sandwich, into a salad, into pasta dishes or just to eat on their own!

Which will you choose to add an extra zing to your pasta, salad or delicious stew?

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