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Anyone who seeks to be a responsible custodian of their health would “go Organic”, though “going Organic” seems a strange way of putting it when one considers how recently man has “gone processed”! Only through the latter decades has global mass-produced “food” existed, prior to that all food was Organic and the populous was far healthier for it! Anyone wending their way down to their local Organic supplier is simply keeping in-step with their wiser forbears…

Quite apart from the generally improved flavour of Organic produce, it makes absolute sense to go with nature rather than to lace her wonderful cocktail of nutrients with a whole array of noxious artificial substances. If the general public were asked for their opinion as to how the world’s food supply was produced, I seriously doubt if one vote would go to the current trend. Whoever thought that chain production, plastic wrapped uniformity was the way forward was having a bad day!

Price is often used in the argument against buying Organic, but Organic is not necessarily more expensive; commercially grown mass-produced devitalised “food” is cheaper! And my local Organic store always aims to be competitive, but what price health, we owe it to ourselves to buy the very best that’s on offer, and in my book, that’s Organic. Of course if one is greeted by a genuinely warm and friendly staff well versed in the benefits of their products; if one is soothed and up-lifted by the gentle strains of piped music floating round the irregular and enchanting displays; if one’s nostrils are enticed by speciality breads on delivery day; if one’s eyes are captivated by the explosion of colours on the heavily laden fresh produce shelves and one is entranced by the sheer variety of all that is so artistically and tastefully arranged, as am I and all those equally blessed to be within easy reach of Field Fayre, Ross on Wye, then one is irretrievably “hooked”.

One cannot praise too highly the obvious enthusiasm with which my local Organic Shop is so professionally run. Every effort is clearly made to accommodate their customer’s requests. I count myself privileged to live so close to such an exceptional shop. David and Yolanda could easily run a side business teaching and demonstrating how to run not only small family enterprises, but those on a much bigger scale; “super” markets beware…

Miss Broughton-Whitaker, Ross on Wye

I love shopping at Field Fayre. David, Yolanda and their staff are always welcoming and helpful. I’m constantly surprised by the huge range of products they are able to offer and there is usually something new for me to try. I particularly appreciate their dairy products and the fact that so much is sourced locally. Since taking over the store David and Yolanda have become active and valued members of the Ross community making a huge contribution both through their lovely shop and the Association of Ross Traders. The May Fayre which David organised with Yolanda’s help was a huge success.

Caroline, Ross-on-Wye

We moved to Ross four years ago, having lived the previous ten years in the South of France. Moving back to England was a revelation on the food front: you could buy strawberries in December; mushrooms in July ; asparagus in November – being used to shopping in the food markets of the South of France, such abundance of choice was extraordinary. But nothing tasted fresh: packaged in cling film and flown in from around the world, there was variety but no goodness. No sense of moving and eating with the seasons.

And then we wandered into Field Fayre and found fruit and vegetables that had been grown locally, were either in season or not available, that tasted ….as they should. And on top of everything else, were actually consistently cheaper than the ‘same’ vegetables in the local supermarket. Since then, we will always try and buy our fresh fruit and veg from Field Fayre.

Their other products show the same commitment to quality and careful sourcing. A couple of examples – the bread they sell is simply delicious, and comes from a bakery under twenty miles away, and they also stock pork pies which taste unlike any pork pie we have eaten in the past : the only complaint is that sometimes they run out of them !

There has been a lot of negative comment in the press about high pricing of organic products, and all I would say is that Field Fayre is living proof that is not the case – across a wide range of products, their prices are absolutely in line with non-organic products available in supermarkets, which just proves that careful buying and a sensible approach to pricing can work for all concerned.

Rupert, Hereford

Dear Field Fayre

I am writing to you in light of the recent food scandals across the country to express my gratitude for the excellent service and local products that you offer at Field Fayre.  Never have people been more interested in where their food comes from and Field Fayre is a local store that we can be proud of in Ross-on-Wye and are most fortunate to have.  Your produce is excellent and sourced locally and responsibly and your shop is an excellent outlet to boost the local supply chain.  Thank you again for your wonderful shop and tireless work in the community,

I remain a big fan!

Andy, Ross-on-Wye

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