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Customer Feedback

“Field Fayre” is my favourite shopping experience of the week. Packed with integrity, informed and helpful staff are Truly committed to helping all of us play our part in caring for our environment through conscious purchasing. An enormous and varied range of produce from local organic veg through to thoughtful gifts, cleaning products and lipid rich whisky. I can’t praise the shop highly enough.

Amanda, Ross-on-Wye

I wish I could airlift this shop to Perth, Scotland and live out of it! Conal, Scotland

Wonderful selection and range of produce and goods! Well done – best shop in Ross – five star organics!

Steve & Sharon, Oxfordshire

My partner Jane and I shop at Field Fayre most weeks and find the customer service and product ranges second to none. There are two main characteristics that set Field Fayre above its competitors in our opinion:  David and Yolanda are always ready to listen to the consumer and evolve their business in accordance with customers’ needs and their sensibilities. This means that the shop will stock produce that is in keeping with the trend for low environmental impact and welfare rich produce.  Secondly, they actually live above their premises. This enables David and Yolanda to be at the centre of a throbbing heartbeat of organic consumerism that is feeding out into the wider town. Field Fayre has become an integral part of Ross on Wye and as the shop grows into this new era of traceability I believe that Field Fayre is the King Pin of the organic movement in this area.

Steve and Jane, Lydbrook

Field Fayre goes that extra mile…

Field Fare hits the spot for us! We value the extra flavour & quality of organic food so being able to buy it locally is a boon. The personal service that David & Yolanda provide makes it easy & convenient – from email ordering to impartial advice and suggestions. Every purchase is backed by their quality assurance. We wholeheartedly recommend Field Fare for your needs & for our planet!

Caroline, Ross-on-Wye

“My daughter aged 7 and I are dairy free and sensitive to highly processed foods and chemicals this can make it difficult to find good quality snacks, sweets and general food…so imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Field Fayre! David and Yolanda have put together a shop that offers delicious organic products: my daughter’s favorites are the ever increasing range of organic dairy free chocolates …and our family loves all their bread products. I have recently discovered their organic muesli base, I struggle to eat dried fruits as they can make me feel unwell but the muesli base is a revelation to which I can just add to the base all the fruits I know I can eat. A local shop, using quality, organic ingredients, run by a very knowledgeable couple if they don’t have it they will source it. Brilliant service and advice every time…you just can’t go wrong. I love Field Fayre.”

Mandy, Monmouth

To describe Field Fayre as brilliant would be an understatement. It is a beacon that shines out from the heart of our local town, Ross-on-Wye. Though the town does benefit from a healthy selection of well-run independent retailers, Field Fayre is special.

Originally established as an organic shop in 2004, it made an impact from the start, but David and Yolanda MacGregor, who took it over in 2010, have raised the bar considerably.

Essentially, through hard work, resourcefulness and acuity, they have created an organic haven that is a world away from the traditional idea of an ‘organic wholefood shop.’ Field Fayre is a delight, what one might call a small emporium, stocked with an astonishing number of lines, catering for all tastes.

For that ever-growing band of shoppers keen to support the principle of localised economies, places like Field Fayre vindicate that choice. Most groceries and household essentials can be found here and, by being able to buy selectively in a calm and friendly atmosphere, the weekly budget can be kept under control.

Yolanda and David ensure that everything on sale looks vibrant. Much of the fruit and vegetables is locally sourced and freshly picked. There is an impressive selection of artisan breads and a very well-stocked chiller with an extensive range of local dairy products, fresh meats and charcuterie.

For dry goods, wines, local ciders and beers, household products and even ethically made socks and underwear, Field Fayre has a comprehensive range that would rival any competitor. The personal touch is much in evidence, giving the whole premises an air of being well cared-for, which in turn creates a positive ambience in which to browse.

Beyond the actual business of selling the very best of organic products, David and Yolanda are tireless in their efforts to promote the idea of localised economies. Articles regularly feature in local magazines and David has been the chairman of the Local Traders Association for the last year, also organising Ross-on-Wye’s first ever street-based ‘May Fayre,’ which showcased local traders and food producers whilst attracting a large number of visitors to the town.

Overall, it is fair to say that Field Fayre is a shining example of how tempting local High Street retailing can be for producers and shoppers alike. Yolanda and David have demonstrated emphatically that there is a very real, and very appealing, alternative to the formulaic, depressingly predictable shopping experience of our cloned High Streets and US-style ‘retail parks.’ Field Fayre exemplifies the change that is needed to be part of a new, brighter and more secure future, and the inspiration behind it, David and Yolanda MacGregor, are leading lights on that road to change.

Rob and Sally, Hoarwithy

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