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Cows called ‘Ladies’

Many of our more mature customers tell us they buy organic food because it is how they remember food used to taste before we all fell under the spell of processed convenience.   If you only change one thing in your family’s diet to organic – then make it your milk (not only for its nutritional benefits, but also for its taste).

One thing from childhood people over a certain age will remember is whole milk in a glass bottle with a straw during the mid-morning break.  Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious… I hadn’t tasted milk like that until we started stocking Jess’s Ladies non-homogenised organic milk.

The ‘Ladies’ (cows) live on Hardwicke Farm, south of Gloucester and graze on lush organic pasture.  It is not homogenised, meaning it is less processed.  Homogenised milk is forced at high pressure through tiny holes which break up the fats in the milk, not only meaning you no longer get the cream on top of the milk but that it is harder to digest.  This extra process wasn’t introduced for nutritional benefits or for taste, but purely for aesthetics.  I’m sure when you taste it you’ll agree, less processed is better.

I may (understandably) be biased, but organic food ticks all the boxes, it doesn’t just taste, look or feel good, it is environmentally-friendly, ethical, healthy and has the highest animal welfare standards in the UK too.

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