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Chilled Organic

We’ve a wide selection of organic chilled food and drink, sourcing locally wherever possible – keeping food miles low and making sure you get the freshest produce possible.

We love local unhomogenised organic milk from Jess’s Ladies – milk as it should be, better for you and easier to digest – her cows (‘Ladies’) milk is also used to make delicious organic cream and yogurt.  We also stock a great range of organic yogurts, plus sheep and goats yogurt from Woodland Park, and organic Kefir by Biona.

Choose from our local, organic cheeses, including Neals Yard Creamery, award winning Caws Cenarth, Calon Wen, plus organic Halloumi, cottage cheese, veggie parmesan and many more.

We source our local, organic chicken from Springfield in Leominster, and our organic fish from the renowned Inverawe Smokehouse in Scotland.

For vegetarians and vegans we stock many organic meat-free alternatives – including Clearspot tofu, Taifun grill sausages, Spacebar chorizos to name but a few.

To drink at home or on the go - organic juices and soft drinks – from Biona Coconut Water to Grove orange juice to Whole Earth’s sparkling sugar-free drinks.

Plus other organic chilled essentials, including local organic Calon Wen butter, goats butter, organic vegetarian margarines, and a wide range of organic Sky Sprouts .

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