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Being Green

We are powered by Good Energy and recycle as much of our card, plastic and paper as possible.

We have biodegradable paper bags for our fruit, veg, breads and pastries, and even biodegradable pots for our fresh olives.

Unlike supermarkets, we don’t pre-bag any of our fruit and veg, you can select as much or as little as you want, reducing waste and ensuring you only buy the best and freshest produce available.

You won’t be offered a plastic bag to put your shopping in, but we do offer a recycled box or we have, lots of lovely reusable bags to buy.

By the way, - we love the ladybird because it is symbolic of the beauty of nature.  They are nature’s natural pest control. Most ladybirds eat aphids (greenfly) or scale insects – no need, therefore, for insecticides.

Understanding and working with nature, not against it, is at the heart of organic food production.

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